Best Coffee Maker 2014

Single-serve pod coffee machines are the fastest growing group of coffee makers in the US. A ground-breaking business model offered by Keurig was quick to find thousands of fans. You just grab a K-cup, insert it in the machine, press a button, and enjoy your coffee several moments later.

Yet, this doesn’t mean it’s the one and only way to make coffee at home. People have different tastes, so there’s always a tradeoff between speed, quality of the drinks, convenience, size, and price when it comes to selecting a coffee maker. Let’s check the most popular types of coffee makers and 5 key parameters for each.

Single-Serve Pod Coffee Makers

Speed: these coffee machines are the fastest. You can have your coffee prepared in just a few seconds.

Quality: there’s a big variety of different tastes (especially with Keurig), but the quality of these drinks is certainly not superior.

Convenience: a coffee preparation process in highly automated, yet with the help of these coffee makers you can have just one cup of coffee at a time.

Size: they are from tiny to small, and always light. They are easy to move and can fit any kitchen space.

Price: Single-serve machines are cheap. You can get one for as low as $80-200. Yet an overall cost can be much higher if you include the price of coffee pods.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

Speed: coffee takes a few minutes to prepare.

Quality: coffee quality is usually better than with single-serve coffee makers.

Convenience: with these machines you can prepare a whole pot that can be equal to 10 cups of coffee and more.

Size: medium size and not too heavy.

Price: the cost is comparable to single-serve options. Prices start at $200.

Commercial Grade Coffee Makers

Speed: a cup of coffee might take a few minutes to prepare.

Quality: these machines are made for true coffee fans. They offer the best quality of drinks.

Convenience: a coffee preparation process in highly automated which makes them nice and easy to operate.

Size: these machines are big, heavy, and bulky. Remember, they are intended for commercial usage, i.e. in the restaurants, pubs, cafes, etc. They would certainly not fit every kitchen.

Price: there are many producers that sell commercial coffee machines – you can even install one from Starbucks. But a real drawback is their price. You can get a second-hand commercial espresso machine for around $700, but the best ones cost much more than that.

Well, here you have it. If you really want to save your time, opt for single-serve models. True coffee fans don’t have another option but a commercial grade coffee maker.


Topnotch Midrange Coffee Maker: Hamilton Beach BrewStation Deluxe

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Deluxe

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Deluxe is not a common coffee maker that we’re used to seeing in a regular kitchen. This one is something fresh, modern, and high-end, though it costs just below $100. It also has one feature that is virtually unseen in any other models of the mid-range segment.

It’s got an insulated holding tank that is equipped with a dispenser. It’s not only the design of the tank that catches attention, but it has a very useful practical feature too. It keeps your coffee hot and also prevents it from developing a burnt flavor that similar coffee machines eventually produce.

Unlike many models that are made with regular glass or metal carafes, this Hamilton creation allows you to brew smaller amounts of coffee. You can make 4 cups instead of 12, and the coffee will be well-prepared and sizzling hot. Other features include:

  • Bright LCD screen with easy control;
  • Permanent water filter (you don’t have to dispense a paper filter after each brew);
  • 12-cup or 4-cup brewing ability;
  • 4 unique coffee type & strength settings.

With the BrewStation some may find it challenging to fill it with water. Yet, you will surely adore the way it pours coffee without spilling a drip as well as all other great features.


Cuisinart Automatic Brew and Serve: Cheap, Reliable, Great Coffee

Cuisinart Automatic Brew and Serve

Do you want to know what coffee maker brews perfect coffee but costs little money? Cuisinart Automatic Brew and Serve is arguably one of the best drip coffee makers around, especially for what it costs. It falls into the $100-$120 price range in the US, which is comparable to an average single serve coffee maker.

There is no secret that drip machines are appreciated by customers for brewing many cups of coffee in one go and preserving the drink hot for several hours. And while Cuisinart are mostly known for their design capabilities, with Automatic Brew and Serve they delivered great performance, too:

  • It is able to brew 12 cups of coffee in one go;
  • Fully automatic operation;
  • According to Cuisinart, their appliance has a specially designed stainless-steel carafe that keeps coffee hot for as long as 12 hours. Tests showed that it is indeed able to maintain liquids super-hot for at least 8 hours.

They could’ve gone even further have they included a water filter in the package. Perhaps they argued that could’ve made the machine too expensive? In any case, the system runs on disposable paper filters that are quite cheap. So don’t forget to buy some new filters as soon as your starter kit fully diminishes.

Ups and Downs of KRUPS Programmable Coffee Maker

KRUPS Programmable Coffee Maker

KRUPS have been long known for producing innovative and quality coffee makers. Programmable Coffee Maker can be viewed as a benchmark model in its class. It costs less than hundred bucks, but the quality of the coffee it makes and extra features it offers are second to none. Here’s what if has to offer:

  • Makes coffee that is not super-strong but very rich in taste;
  • Automatic operation and many programmable options;
  • Bright LCD screen;
  • 12-cup pot;
  • Glass carafe keeps coffee hot for at least 6 hours and has a water level indicator on it.

While this coffee maker brews possibly the best coffee in its price range, there is a downside too. There are about 5-6 negative reviews on the web that touch upon the durability of the product. All these reviews were written at nearly the same time and it seems the issue concerned a lot of machines rather than ith this model. Interesting to know, most of these reviews still noted great quality of coffee.

Like other machines of its range, this KRUPS creation does not work at a full output when you try to brew less than half of the pot. The coffee maker will automatically switch off before the coffee reaches its boiling point. In other words you can’t get a really hot drink this way.

Apart from that it is a very stylish coffee maker that should meet your high demands.

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