Best Gas Grills 2014

In fact, there are many myths about how to buy perfect gas grills. But reputable grilling professionals strongly advise to make a reasonable gas grill purchasing decision. What actually is it? Well, first of all, you need to think of what you want from this device. For example, do you want to put something on the grill and walk away? Or, perhaps, you like cooking things fast? Finally, you may prefer preparing meals either directly or indirectly over the flame. Having figured out those things, you are probably ready to go shopping. By the way, the price point isn’t essential here. After all, you can just have no clear idea how much modern grills cost today. Saving the budget is great, but low price usually ends in poor quality. As you can see, each of us needs his or her gas grill buying guide, so as to get absolutely competent in selecting gas grills properly.

You can’t but agree that a typical grill purchase is simply going into a mass merchant store and looking for a list of impressive features. However, the required basics for your great grilling experience are different. Why, don’t you want to become unsatisfied in the first place? Therefore, consider the next expert instructions:

The Manufacturer’s Warranty will keep you from spending money on parts, which should not break faster than within 14 months.

Good Burner must be of proportional size to your grill. Both large and little burners mean lots of hot/cold spots accordingly.

Flame Taming Devices must cover the entire burner. Typically, grease and salt from food damage the grill most often. So, the more exposed your burner is, the faster it’ll burn out. That’s why you need the flame tamer directly over, but not to the side of the grill burner. Make sure to stay away from grills with lava rocks: they’re a nightmare.

Meat Grids, no matter whether stainless, cast iron or porcelain coated, are good as long as you clean them right way. For example, fragile porcelain coated meat grids mustn’t be brushed when hot!

Grill Housings & Frames are generally the last thing to go. Just keep the climate in mind. On the coast, you should buy copper, because even stainless grill will rust. In high humidity states, stainless or thick aluminum grills will last for ages.

Temperature is important for steak-lovers. Thus, look for the device reaching at least 600 degrees.

In a word, it’s necessary to buy the best gas grill for your money and for many years. Don’t get confused by salespeople, doubtful recommendations and think of your own barbecues! 

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