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There isn’t any doubt that a washing machine is a labor saving appliance, as it would take too much time and efforts to wash all the dirty clothes, especially if you have children. However, when it comes to the choice of a proper brand and characteristics, most of us get really puzzled. Your choice should be wise, otherwise, the appliance won’t serve for a long time. Our washing machine buying guide is created in order to help you to make the right choice and benefit from it.

  • Front- or top-loader. When choosing a proper washing machine, this is one of the most important things you are to pay special attention to. Top-loaders have center-post agitators that cost a lot less and wash clothes comparatively faster. Frankly speaking, their performance is unimpressive. High-efficiency models hold more laundry and use less water to wash, extracting more water. This cuts the drying time greatly, thus saving money and energy. Speaking of front-loaders, it should be noted they use the least water, but spin faster, contributing to more savings.
  • Wash cycles. Programmable wash cycles are one of the features many washing machines have. These cycles include settings for water temperature and levels, and a user can arrange the most efficient parameters.
  • Load size. While choosing, make sure the machine is large enough to handle the laundry needs your family has. The larger is the family, the larger capacity washing machine must be chosen. Small machines are less expensive to operate. In addition, they are cheaper to buy and comparatively quieter. Capacity is measured in load weight and cubic feet.
  • Energy consumption. Search for the machine that is rated energy star, meaning it consumes 50% less energy than ordinary washing machines. Appliances with energy star still cover range of power consumption, and if you are energy conscious, search for the machine with the lowest energy consumption rating.
  • Auto drainage. This is, perhaps, one of the most useful features that help to reduce the amount of work. The thing is you do not need to get up and drain the water. In addition, this feature prevents the washed clothes from remaining in dirty water. Fully automatic machines have this auto drainage facility, and only a few semi-automatic ones may have this feature, as well.

Following this washing machine buying guide, you’ll manage to buy the washing machine that will make your laundry easier and serve for many years to come.


Samsung Company is a large cutting-edge home appliances producer that can help you run your household almost effortlessly. Samsung is a worldwide brand name, known for its quality assurance, safety standards and high-efficient performance of their products. What concerns company’s washing machines, here Samsung has achieved a great level of advancement.

Samsung produces washing machines of different types (Front Loading, Top Loading, Semi Automatic), while incorporating in them the widest range of possible innovative technologies:

  • SuperCapacity Technology (up to 7.2 cu. ft. to fit more wash in order to conserve your time; energy-efficient and keeps your utility bill down);
  • PowerFoam™ (revolutionary technology that predissolves detergent into both powerful and gentle foam in order to penetrate fabrics more quickly, deeply, and thoroughly);
  • Ecobubble™ Technology (a bubble generator forms bubbles, which detergent fibres up to 40 times faster than any other high concentration liquid; this technology helps to save energy by reducing wash temperature without compromising cleaning results);
  • VRT Plus (a unique & innovative washing machine vibrations dampening technology).

Besides, all Samsung washing machines incorporate brushless digital motor (uses less energy and runs much cooler) can be fit wherever you want, have a unique drum line for better fabric care, and guarantee a long-lasting quality (due to a double coated ceramic heater). If you want quality, you want Samsung!



Bosch laundry machine is a perfect choice for convenience, flexibility and performance one may ever desire. And it’s no wonder, because Bosch is the company, which has won the Which? award for “Best Home Appliance Brand 2012” for the second year, thus verifying commitment to its quality, innovation and usability.

Bosch is a brand name often compared to quality, stability, innovative look and high-efficiency. Truly spoken, all of the company’s technology is made under the label ‘Green Technology inside’, that works for energy saving and guarantees non-compromised performance. For example, Bosch washers include a wide range of innovations that make them a perfect choice:

  • SpeedPerfect™ Technology (fastest wash option that reduces wash time doesn’t compromise performance and washes both thoroughly and gently);
  • VarioPerfect™ Technology (decides what type of laundry you need: quickly or more economical);
  • EcoSilence Drive™ (revolutionary brushless (brush noise is eliminated) motor, which is 35% faster, quieter, durable, powerful and energy-efficient than a standard motor; its unique design makes very low wear and tear, thus giving a long life expectancy);
  • AntiVibration Design™ (the machine’s sidewalls spiral design that reduces vibrations and increases stability).

All the abovementioned technologies are incorporated in Bosch Logixx Series washing machines, making them the most effective, fastest and energy efficient Bosch washing machines ever.


When it comes to a washing machine choice, we always look for the best one to satisfy our primary needs in both quality and price. The market is full of a majority of washing machine brands and manufacturers, and the only thing’s left to the customer is to simply make a choice. But what brand is it better to give preference to in order not to buy a machine that breaks down in a few working cycles? The answer is simple – choose quality. Choose LG!

LG is truly a brand that gives its customers a wide choice of modern and highly-efficient washing machine models, designed to both reduce water consumption and energy costs, and provide its customers with a plenty of options (styles, colors and functions) to fit your standards. For this reason, the company has come into its three most sophisticated and revolutionary washing machine technologies:

  • 6 Motion Technology (performs multiple drum motions, or, depending on a wash programme selected, a combination of different motions that give brilliant result every time);
  • True Steam Technology (unique steam generator penetrates the fabrics and enhances cleaning performance to let you forget about wrinkles and most common allergens, such as pet dander, dust mites and others);
  • Direct Drive Technology (unique Inverter Direct Drive System increases the efficiency of the motor, thus cutting back energy consumption, reducing noise levels and breakdown possibility).

Besides, LG is not only a choice of modern design or unique technology. All company’s washing machines come with a 10-year warranty on both the motor and its standard parts. So, choose energy efficient and award winning LG Washing Machines.

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